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49cc Pull Starter V3


Replacement pull starter for the 49cc chinese engine. This pull start will also work on most 33cc, 36cc, 43cc, 49c and 52cc chinese engines with this style pull start. Diagonal Bolt Hole Spacing: 95mm


Clutch Shoes for 2010 and later Evo Rx and 2x models. These also fit all 33cc, 36cc, 43cc, 49cc and 52cc 2-stroke engines commonly found on stand-up gas scooters, pocket bikes, mini-choppers etc. Virtually all 33-52cc, 2-stroke Chinese engines use this clutch shoe. Overall Diameter: 76mm Bolt Hole Spacing: 54mm Thickness: 13.7mm

MotoTec - Parts

Throttle Cable (55 inch)


Sleeve Length: 55 inches Used on the MotoTec Sandman Go Kart