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The John Deere Adventure Trailer is the perfect addition for the little one who is serious about their play time! They'll love being able to attach the Adventure Trailer to their John Deere Gator XUV using the included locking hitch pin. With the John Deere Adventure Trailer, loading up and dropping off has never been more fun! Features: -Attaches to John Deere Gator XUV Children's Riding Vehicles -Equipped with durable, rugged wheels -Includes a locking hitch pin -Dimension: 21.25" x 43" x 31.5" (WxLxH) -Trailer weight capacity: 66 lbs. -Extended 2 year warranty (with consumer participation)


Let your little ones take their hauling capability to the next level with the John Deere Farm Wagon. Not only can the Farm Wagon attach to any John Deere Children's Riding Vehicle that includes a hitch, it also has a detachable handle, making it a perfect standalone wagon. An easy to use end gate lets children load and remove their haul from the wagon with little effort. The Farm Wagon can hold up to 66 lbs., making it even easier to transport almost anything their little hearts desire. Features: -Detachable pull handle that allows it to be used as a standalone wagon -Convenient end gate opening -Locking hitch pin -Attaches to any John Deere Children's Riding Vehicle that includes a hitch -Trailer weight capacity: 66 lbs -Trailer dimensions: 41.7" x 30" x 18.75" (WxLxH) -Extended 2 year warranty (with consumer participation)


Kids who own a John Deere riding tractor will love their extra large Stake-Side trailer! They'll delight in loading it up, driving to their destination and unloading it. Trailer has a locking hitch pin and removable stake-sides. Made in USA with some imported components.

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